Sunday, March 4, 2018

Xiaomi Mi Robot Vacuum 2 Review Specs, Price, Release Date

It has not been long since Xiaomi launched its first robot vacuum cleaner and it's even less than when we tested it in our review . Today, however, we have the opportunity to tell you what changes in the new model that comes out on the market not Xiaomi brand but with its original brand or Roborock . However, you will find it in the Asian stores associated with the famous Xiaomi brand, taking advantage of the fact that it is still a product linked to the Xiaomi / Mijia home automation brand, compatible with the Mi Home application.

Mi Robot Vacuum 2 arrives in the classic brown cardboard packaging and inside we find a fairly standard equipment, but with few spare parts (that is only replacement water nozzles). Then we have the charging base, much smaller than the previous one, and a new cable with Italian plug (even if you save something by buying the Chinese version). In addition to this you will also find a transparent plastic base useful to attach to the charging base so as not to wet the floor when the robot is being recharged. Finally the manual: the nice surprise is that for the first time it is already in English.

The robot has a design very similar to the previous model, with a white circular body and front shock absorber. Above we find a small white "turret" with an orange sonar inside that will rotate very quickly during use to scan the space around us. Half of the top is then opened to allow free access to the drawer where the dirt will be collected. This drawer is completely washable, as well as its filter. The drawer is not as big as the previous one but can still collect a large amount of dirt. The advice is however to empty it after every cleaning to maximize the suction power.

At the front and bottom, there are also proximity sensors to recognize obstacles and steps. Compared to the previous model approaches with much more delicacy obstacles , without ever hitting them with "violence" but always more slowly. At the bottom we find the most classic components: brush, two wheels of good size plastic and front wheel that can rotate. On the other hand, we have a start / power button, a return key at home, and a timely cleaning key. The cleaning speed is almost unchanged, while the power is just higher, while the ability to climb over objects is slightly lower. Objects of 2 centimeters are declared overtaken, but we found it stuck to the stools in the kitchen several times. The previous model was one of the very few cleaning robots that almost always managed to overcome them.

But let's talk about the Mi Home application for iOS and Android, which is definitely the strong point of the Xiaomi robots compared to most of the competition. Unfortunately, it is currently compatible with Chinese servers only. No limits in use (the application is still in English) but longer loading times for maps and greater variability on these same loading times.

It is possible from the application to start cleaning the entire house and after the first cleaning you will find yourself with the map of the entire house in the application. Provided that you do not disconnect the charging base from the power this map will become the basis for future cleaning. You can also choose the cleaning power by increasing or decreasing from the balanced use mode set by default . This whole house scanning feature will allow the robot to not waste time and optimize cleanliness and autonomy. You can send the robot to a specific point in the house and choose to perform a cleaning nearby. Convenient if you have water crumbs or have you soiled in the kitchen.

The biggest news from the software point of view is certainly the ability to select one or more areas of your home to be cleaned , even with multiple repetitions (up to 3). This was a very expected feature that allows you to become independent of the "virtual walls" (but still physical, having to buy the tape ). Unfortunately it is not possible to do the inverse, ie select an area where you do not clean, a feature that would be much more convenient for those who only wanted to eliminate areas from cleaning the entire house.

Finally from the settings you can program daily or weekly cleaning and choose to let the robot automatically increase the power on the carpets. Carpets that recognizes well and that does not drag even when very thin. From the settings you can then check the status of the filters and the cleaning of the sensors.

The autonomy is very good, as for the previous model, succeeding without too many problems to overcome the total hour and a half (with which it can clean around 150 square meters non-linear) and approaching two hours.

The second big news is the presence of a drawer that contains the water to be hooked on the lower back of the robot to which in turn connect one of the two supplied cloths. During cleaning the two nozzles continue to moisten the cloth . This will allow you not to replace the cleaning with a mop but to significantly raise the level of cleanliness offered by any robot vacuum cleaner. Pass a damp cloth on any freshly cleaned floor with a vacuum cleaner and you will find that there is always something to clean. The cloth should be replaced every 30 minutes but there is no automatic function to remind you. At the end of the cleaning, just rinse the cloth under the tap to clean it. Unfortunately, the cloth will remain wet even over the carpets.

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